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Basically, there are two major components of a split system namely – the indoor unit and the outdoor unit with both working towards the same goal. While the indoor unit works to keep the cool air circulating in the room, the outdoor unit works like a furnace. The hot air is extracted from the room to the external while the cool air circulating internally.

If you are in search of a local HVAC company for the installation of your split system, you can get in touch with us. We have a track record of successful mini-split systems installations, repairs and replacement. We also service ductless units for both cooling and heating with the process covering electrical components, supplies, mounted brackets and others.

Ductless / Mini-split AC Installation and repair Services

If you need a new cooling system either for your office or home, your best choice is the ductless split system as it is more efficient and creates a comfortable environment for both places. Whichever need that you may need at a time, it has the capacity to either cool or heat your home. Indoor units are known to be wall mounted thus making it easy for the air to circulate.

For you to extend the lifespan of your split AC system, it’s important to carry out regular tune-ups and maintenance. This will make it work efficiently and ensure its durability.

We will work within your budget and advise you on the model that best fits your home. Be assured that the AC system we advise you on will be durable and efficient with after sales service and warranty available. So if you resident in Wayne, contact us for a free estimate for your ductless AC system installation or replacement.